Race Easy with Hill Climb Racing Hacks

Have you ever played Hill Climb Racing? I find this game interesting and enjoyable.  If you’re not yet played it, try it. You might like it. If you already have, is it difficult for you? Don’t worry, here I have Hill Climb Racing hacks, so it will not be hard to play. But before that, I will give some overview for this game first.

Hill Climb Racing has “racing” in its name. Yet, unlike most of racing games, in this game I did not find any opponent to race with. But, I can still post my result if I want to and show it to my friends. Next, let’s talk about how good is this game.

The first is the graphic. Hill Climb Racing has very simple yet pretty good graphic. Second is the gameplay. The gameplay is pretty simple. I just need to drive as far as you can, using the brake or gas, depends on the terrain. Along the way I found fuel and coins, fuel will enable me to drive farther and the coin is the currency of this game, which can be used to unlock new areas, buy new vehicles or for upgrades. There are a lot of vehicles I can find in this game, ranging from usual vehicles like jeep, motocross bike, monster truck, and tractor, truck to unusual ones, like one wheeler, hovercraft, the moon lander and sleigh. As I race between places with different vehicles, I notice how interactive this game is.

Hill climb racing hack

Hill Climb Racing Cheats.

Here are some cheats that I find to gain easy coins:

  1. Play in the Highway course with the racecar. This course is smooth enough, there are a lot of coins here, with the racecar I can do it rather effectively because it is suited for the course
  2. Another course which provides me with a large number of coins is the Moon course. The vehicle suited for this course is the motocross bike. If I play it well enough, I can gain 150.000 coins each time you play

Hill Climb Racing Hack.

I noticed that this game has a lot of things to buy, from areas, vehicles to upgrades. And it costs a lot of coins. The sleigh, for example, cost 1.000.000 coins. It takes the time to get that amount of coins. Fortunately, I find a hack that I can use to gain easy coins. Here’s the hack:

  1. Open the device system root
  2. Open the folder “data” and “data”
  3. Find and open the folder named com.fingersoft.hillclimb
  4. Then open shared_prefs
  5. Finally, find hillclimbers.xml and open it
  6. I can edit all the values here. But for this example, let’s change the coins to 100.000.000. To do this, I need to find the code with “coins” and “value” in one sentence. Then, I just need to change the “0” into “100.000.000”

Voila! I can have as many coins as I want this way. Here are the links that help me to do the hack: